Claude Carle

Founder & Co-Owner

Jeremy Carle

Jeremy is one of the co-owners here at Studio Signs. He is one of our most experienced and longest serving sign experts. He started assisting in the shop while still in elementary school, and has become a knowledgeable resource in every aspect of our sign making process. Jeremy manages nationwide program installations for many retail and commercial clients. He lives that mountain life with his wife and kids, and never misses an opportunity to braaap!

Marc-André Marceau

Marc-André is one of the co-owners of Studio Signs. The outdoor man, you’ll often see him in field tools in hand. On the ground, at the top of a ladder or in a lift, nothing scares this big piece of a man. Also, a problem solver, he finds solutions to make projects happen.

Warren Haywood

General Manager
Your primary point of contact for business operations, Warren plays a key role in all aspects of the operation focusing on maintaining and improving daily efficiencies to ensure your project timeline is met and the quality of the end product exceeds your expectations. With passions which range from automotive racing fabrication, to high elevation snow sports adventures Warren brings a wide range of experience to the business and applies this appetite for adventure to daily life. He will ensure your project takes flight and gets executed with the precision and speed you have come to expect from Studio Signs.

Rachel Morrell

Business Administrator
Rachel began her journey as Studio Sign’s Business Administrator in 2020. With her background in business and administration management, there is no doubt that all your A/P and A/R inquiries will be met seamlessly. Besides overseeing administration, Rachel leads content coordination and always strives to bring social platforms to the next level. Outside of work you can find Rachel tending to her small online business with her partner.

Mathieu Chartrand

Design and Production
Mathieu joined Studio Signs in 2017. As a Jedi Master in graphic design, he brings customers ideas to life. Not limiting himself to design, he’s also in charge of pressing the ‘PRINT’ button. It’s not rare to find him away from the computer lending a hand for installations. Outside the work environment, he's an avid gamer and a talented snowboarder and loves to share his passion with his two kids.

Gabriel Nahon

Graphic Designer
Gabriel joined the Studio Signs team in 2020. A detailed-oriented and talented designer with an eye as precise as a right hand he will work with you to deliver the knock out every time on any of your projects; from your logo to your retail/office space or fleet of vehicles. Outside of the office you may find him teaching and training Thai Boxing or perhaps exploring a new city or expanding his record collection.

Drew Pettes

Senior Installer
Drew Pettes jumped into the sign world in 2007, and is now our senior installer and a 3M Preferred Graphics Installer. In addition to sticking graphics to anything and everything, Drew is taking care of all your window film needs. This nature lover is passionate about using his skills to make buildings bird safe. He loves spending time outdoors, paddling on the water, and camping with his family.

Nathan Beauchamp

Apprentice & Production Assistant
Nathan appeared in 2018. As an apprentice and production assistant, he’s constantly perfecting his skills as an installer. A key part in the production chain, Nathan makes sure that every piece of ongoing projects is ready for installation.

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